Sunday, August 17, 2008


My daughter Selah has a fever tonight. Not a big deal, and not an unusual occurance for her. Selah, like everything else in life, is one extreme or the other and in this....she is either completely fine or has 102-104 fevers. When she gets a fever, I can tell because her cheeks get really red and she starts to slow down and snuggle more. It is funny and sad to say that it is a small part I enjoy when she is sick- that she will sit in my lap and snuggle. I don't like it when she is sick, but I know I can give her some Motrin and more than likely, she will be fine.

But tonight as I was measuring the medicine to give her, I thought about my child in Ethiopia. I wondered, what happens when he gets a fever? More than that, I thought about how easy it is for me, just grab the bubble gum flavored medicine and give it to her, fix whatever she wants for dinner and let her sleep. No real worries....but does his mother get scared? Does her mind go there- when a fever is not just a fever because there, it could be something more? I doubt she has the bubblegum medicine so what does she do to calm him(and herself?).

As I have been thinking about our child, I have not allowed myself to think on these things- the idea that right now, my child could be sick....or hungry...or scared...or even mother's heart almost can't take it. And then I am hit with the thought that I don't know how you could endure this process, the waiting, the unknown, the vastness of the need there, without faith in Christ. As a mom, I want to fix it- even if I don't know what "it" is. So I sit tonight, with my daughter lying next to me and thank Him for how He takes care of her and how He is taking care of my child who is across the world.