Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pictures from Week 1: Getting Settled In

It's been a good first week and we're starting to get settled into a bit of a routine. Mally is doing great and seems to be taking everything in stride. He's moved from sleeping in our room the first few nights to sleeping in his new room with Josiah the last few nights. We've had the chance to introduce him to many of our friends and took him to church this morning and shared some sweet moments with friends praying for him and thanking God for him. Then this afternoon we got to join our friends, the Fournets, for a birthday party and Malachi got his first chance to take on a swimming pool. He was very chill and relaxed with all of the kids. Here's a few pictures from our first week.

Josiah and Selah love their new little brother. They're like two kids with a new toy at Christmas. Most of the time that's a good thing.

PawPaw and Malachi, plus Vanna with the sign in the back.

MawMaw and Mally . . . what a great couple!

Enjoying his first bath at home

Now that's a smile!

Daddy and Mally in the pool.

Just chillin'


Aleks "OLA" Stewart said...

The bathtub pics are PRECIOUS.

Courtney Stanley said...

I LOVE these pics of the fam! And the bathtub pictures are precious!! He looks like he's really having a good time--that water really is movin'!!! I am sooo happy for you all... You are so blessed with your 3 precious kiddos!!!

Ryane said...

Such a cutie!

Question for you.. did you guys take any pictures of the kiddos at the Gladney Foster Care homes? We just got our referral on Friday and were hoping to find some more pictures of him. Let me know if you think you might have some.

Congrats again on bringing your sweet guy home!


Brian said...

Glad your first week together has been so good!

Adam Hammack said...

Wow God is good. Celebrating with you guys.